The Event of the Century: The 1857-1858 Awakening
Edited by Richard Owen Roberts

Dr. Orr sets forth the revival of 1858-1859 in all its splendor and marvel, as one of the greatest movements of the Holy Spirit of all time. Here is an inspiring and challenging reading which is almost certain to stretch your appreciation for the mighty power of God and to stir you to fervently pray, "Do it again, Lord! Do it again!"

384 p.
6¼" x 9¼" (hardcover)
ISBN 0-926474-01-4 (1989)

From the Editor: "His burden came to him as a young man and never left. His earliest books are autobiographical narratives of journeys in many parts of the world in which he not only declared his heart-cry for revival but often described what he saw with his own eyes of the gracious outpourings of the Holy Spirit... When his attention turned to the tremendous need for evangelical scholars to research and document thoroughly the awakening movements of the Spirit of God throughout history, he gave even more of himself, his time, energy, and resources to equip himself for this task than he did to his earlier travels."

From The Event of the Century: "How can anyone chronicle the story of a movement, or analyze its character and influence, without first ascertaining what reporters meant when using words that have since been construed quite differently? To understand the 1857-58 Revival, one must ask what terms were used and from whence were they derived; what did they mean and what did they not convey?"