From Twenty-Four Questions:

When revival comes, it will be a very fragine blessing, a blessing that will need to be handled with great care. Human failure to rightly handle this fragile blessing from God has often, in the past, kept revival from producing its highest and best possible results.

In a very lovely sense, the nature of a revival is all eyes on God. All Satan has to do to destroy a revival is to get the eyes off God to someone or something: to you, to me, to some stupid thing you or I do, to some ridiculous viewpoint proclaimed, even to some truth overly stressed and turned into a divisive issue. Satan has at his finger tips hundreds and thousands of means by which he can draw the attention away from Christ. Whether the attention turns to your to me, to some phenomena, to some aberrant doctrine, to some overemphasis upon a good truth – it matters not what eyes turn to – when eyes are off the Savior, the revival diminishes and soon ceases.

Thus it is urgent that we prepare ourselves for revival by discerning, as best we can, the nature of true revival and avoiding, at all costs, those disruptive and hurtful factors that Satan is known to use in minimizing the good effects of the work of God in revival.