From Unalienable Rights:

Have you ever asked yourself the question: "If I had the opportunity to address the entire nation, what would I say?" I have been thinking a great deal about this very question, not because I anticipate having the opportunity but because I am convicted that the United States is set on a path of certain destruction, and every concerned individual needs to be ready with the answer to our nation's desperate need whenever they have opportunity to speak. I am convinced that unless something very momentous occurs to change our country's direction, our days as a free nation under God are severely limited. I believe I know what must take place to turn the nation around. It is for that reason that I have been contemplating what I would say if such an opportunity were given me.

If I were addressing the United States of America, I would begin by reminding all Americans of our own history, pointing to certain documents and statements which are pillars and foundation-stones supporting our country and its government.