Continuity and Change: London Calvinistic Baptists and the Evangelical Revival (1760-1820)
By R. Phillip Roberts

282 p.
6¼" x 9¼" (hardcover)
ISBN 0-940033-36-4 (1989)

From Continuity and Change: "London Calvinistic Baptists in the period 1760-1820, reaffirmed much that was intrinsic to their traditional self-understanding. Their concern for church discipline, their perception of the believer's church and baptism, as well as, in large measure, their own theology did not radically alter. They have been, indeed, put on the offensive by the Revival. Much of their earlier defensiveness had been lost. Not only were they clearly realigned with much of their original spirit, if not thought, but missionary/evangelistic activity developed among them to a degree not previously known. They were now poised, so it seemed, to play a significant part in the missionary enterprise to follow. Simultaneously, the shift in priorities and self-identity would raise new questions for them in the century ahead."