My All, His All
By J. Edwin Orr
Introduction by Billy Graham
Edited by Richard Owen Roberts

In the years immediately prior to his death, Dr. Orr came increasingly to the conviction that grievous errors were gripping much of the church and these errors were both sapping the church of its validity and hindering the prospect of another outpouring of the Holy Spirit in worldwide awakening. Because of this growing conviction he determined to bring out a revised edition of Full Surrender in the hopes that it would be a took in the hands of the Holy Spirit in bringing the church and its wayward people to repentance.

Dr. Orr labored many hours over the revising and updating of the volume, making is message even more pointed and relevant for this crisis hour. In the providence of God, he was taken from this earthly scene before this revised edition made its way into public print. Before his death he had determined to give the book a new title. Knowing something of his dreams and aspirations for this volume, we have selected the title My All, His All, believing with the author that it is only when Christ is "Our All" that we begin to know "His All."

169 p.
6¼" x 9¼" (hardcover)
ISBN 0-926474-02-2 (1989)

From the Introduction: "Since 1949, in Minnesota, California, Washington and other states of the Union, Edwin Orr has been used mightily, particularly on university and college campuses. Great spiritual awakenings have followed in the wake of his ministry at Bethel College, Northern Baptist Seminary and other outstanding institutions. In late August 1949, it was my privilege to be one of the speakers at the Forest Home Briefing Conference, in the beautiful San Bernardino Mountains of California. The messages Dr. Orr gave as one of the other speakers were of tremendous blessing on my own life. His logical development of the whole subject of full surrender and the outpouring of the Spirit stirred the entire conference, evening by evening. This present volume, Dr. Orr's fifteenth book, consists of chapters based upon those talks at Forest Home which provoked, under God, a real stirring among the students."

From the Editor: "During the years it was my privilege to personally know J. Edwin Orr, I never knew a time when he did not have an enduring passion for both personal and corporate revival. As much as any man I ever knew, he believed in revival and in the Spirit's empowering. While he engaged in a multitude of activities, they all seemed calculated to enhance the prospect of God's doing in the twentieth century what He had done so magnificently in earlier generations. Yet, as he whimsically narrates in his epilogue, there was a time when he turned aside from his original calling, and during this period of double-mindedness was permitted by the Lord to serve Him with only a mere shadow of the power he knew in both his earlier and later life."

From My All, His All: "... Christ said: 'Ask, and it will be given you; seek, and you will find; knock, and it will be opened to you.' The Greek tense is clear: keep on asking, keep on seeking, keep on knocking! An asking, seeking, knocking Christian will soon find out for himself what stands in the way of the filling of his vessel with the Holy Spirit, the clean, righteous, convicting Spirit who hates sin and unrighteousness and compromise. The Holy Spirit will lead him to seek forgiveness of his sins through the cleansing blood of Christ, and to accept by faith His provision for a victorious life, fully surrendering his life to God. Then, by faith, and only by faith, the seeker may act upon the promises of God, to receive into his most unworthy vessel the mighty power of God the Spirit."