The Turn of the Tide
By W. Vernon Higham
Foreword by Richard Owen Roberts

Powerful revival occurred with wonderful frequency in Wales from the early Puritan period until the end of the nineteenth century, but it has been a long dry season since the revival of 1904-1905. As the church has approached the end of its twentieth century, it has been increasingly common to hear that the days of revival are forever past, that the next event on God's calendar is the end, that things have never been so bad before, and that they can do nothing but get worse. Yet Vernon Higham believes God still delights to meet his people! With Isaiah sixty-two through sixty-four as his text, Higham writes of our tremendous need of revival in fresh and flavorful language.

"Vernon Higham's longing that God would visit us again is infectious -- and it is an infection that we all need." — J. I. Packer, Regent College, Vancouver, B.C. Canada

"The author is burdened for revival and the glory of God; he shares this burden with us in these pages. A relevant and challenging book!" — Dr. D. Eryl Davies, Principal, Evangelical Theological College of Wales

124 p.
6" x 9" (paperback)
ISBN 0-926474-15-4 (1995)

From the Foreword: "It is my deep conviction that the life of an author is as important as his printed words. A man can write well but undermine his words by his life. A man may even write poorly and yet live in such a way as to make his message powerful. Vernon Higham, by God's grace, has done both. He has written well, and he has backed up his writing with a life lived for the glory of God...

"As you read it, let the obvious need of revival stir your heart to deep, deep longings for God himself. Let your growing burden for revival be saturated with the hope that the unchanging God will revive His people once again."

From The Turn of the Tide: "It is not the filling of churches but, rather, the filling of a kingdom that is to the glory of God. And it is this that we desire from this generation: that Thou, O God, would grant also that we might be given grace and honor Thee. Heavenly Father, grant that we might learn something about the birth of such a cry. If we began to give only the slightest hint of a cry, then He would begin to hear us... What joyful anticipation there is in heaven now!... Are we still refusing to consider these things? Do we have warmth towards those who seek revival?"