Glory Filled the Land: A Trilogy on the Welsh Revival (1904-1905)
By H. Elvet Lewis, G. Campbell Morgan, and I. V. Neprash
Edited by Richard Owen Roberts
Foreword by David R. Mains.

Before you read Glory Filled the Land, it's only fair for someone to post a warning sign: Let the casual reader beware! This is not just another book. Some people who read it will find themselves moved - even "addicted" to Revival accounts like this. Well now, you have been warned. Proceed at your own risk.

204 p.
6¼" x 9¼" (hardcover)
ISBN 0-926474-00-6 (1989)

From the Foreword: "I recall only too well a similar volume that first captured me as a young man in my early twenties. I read it, reread it, and then quickly read it a third time. Strangely impelled, I went eagerly hunting for more titles about the unusual workings of God's Spirit. A hunger had been aroused.

When reading a trilogy like this, be careful not to think too much about questions like: How does what I'm reading compare to my own spiritual experience? Why can't something marvelous like this happen again? Wouldn't God be pleased to have His Glory fill this land? In time, spiritual longings of this type can play on your emotions. They foster a deep-seated dissatisfaction with all that's superficial... I would recommend that you read what's here. Then reread these pages. Then read them again. Then consider yourself welcomed to the hungry ranks of those who pray to God that similar accounts will be written about our day as well."

From the Editor: "The Welsh Revival of 1904-1905 was the last of a most wonderful series of extraordinary blessings with the Principality enjoyed form the Puritan period onward. According to some estimates, the nation was visited with not less than sixteen awakenings during a period of under 300 years. In his chapter on 'The White Line of Revival' Rev. Lewis chronicled briefly some of these gracious movements... We are convinced that the world-wide revival of the Christian Church must be the number-one priority of its people. But the revival we need is not one that lasts a few months and then destroys itself on excesses and extremes. The world desperately needs a 'Reformation Revival' which lasts an entire generation."