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Glory Filled the Land: A Trilogy on the Welsh Revival of 1904-05
H. Elvet Lewis, G. Campbell Morgan, and I. V. Neprash.
Edited by Richard Owen Roberts.
An Apprenticeship of Faith
J. Edwin Orr.
Edited by Richard Owen Roberts.
Campus Aflame: A History of Evangelical Awakenings in Collegiate Communities
J. Edwin Orr.
Edited by Richard Owen Roberts.
The Event of the Century: The 1857-1858 Awakening
J. Edwin Orr.
Edited by Richard Owen Roberts.
My All, His All
(A revised edition of Full Surrender)
J. Edwin Orr.
Edited by Richard Owen Roberts.
Continuity & Change: London Calvinistic Baptists & the Evangelical Revival, 1760-1820
R. Phillip Roberts.
Richard Owen Roberts.
Salvation in Full Color: Twenty Sermons by Great Awakening Preachers
Edited by Richard Owen Roberts.
Sanctify the Congregation: A Call to the Solemn Assembly and to Corporate Repentance
Selected and Edited by Richard Owen Roberts.
Scotland Saw His Glory: A History of Revivals in Scotland
Compiled and Edited by Richard Owen Roberts.
The Turn of the Tide: When God Floods His Church with True Revival Blessing.
W. Vernon Higham.
Foreword by Richard Owen Roberts.

Whitefield In Print: A Bibliographic Record of Works By, For, and Against George Whitefield; with Annotations, Biographical and Historical Notices, and Bibliographies of Associates and Contemporaries. The whole forming of a literary history of the Great Eighteenth Century Revival. By Richard Owen Roberts. 765 pages. $75.00

Revival Literature: An Annotated Bibliography with Biographical and Historical Notices. Details over 5,000 titles on revival. By Richard Owen Roberts. 575 pages. $60.00

Revival Library (Available as a set for $92.50 or as individual volumes)

Accounts of Religious Revivals in Many Parts of the United States from 1815 to 1818. By Joshua Bradley. 300 pages. $15.00
The Revivals of the 18th Century Particularly at Cambuslang with three sermons of George Whitefield. By Duncan MacFarlan. 263, 49 pages. $16.00
Lectures on the Revival of Religion. By Ministers of the Church of Scotland. 444 pages. $17.50
Boston Revival 1842: A Brief History of the Evangelical Churches of Boston. By Martin Moore. 148 pages. $11.50
Authentic Records of Revival Now In Progress in the United Kingdom [1859-1860]. By William Reid. 478 pages. $17.50
New England Revivals as they Existed at the Close of the Eighteenth and the Beginning of the Nineteenth Centuries. By Bennet Tyler. 378 pages. $15.50

Puritan Sermons, 1659-1689; being the Morning Exercies at Cripplegate by Seventy-five Leading London Clergymen. "A most precious set, giving a magnificent cross-section of Puritan theology, at its practical, heart-warming best." – J.I. Packer. Six Volumes, 4220 pages. $150.00

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The American Vine
By Benjamin Dorr.
A Sermon on Psalm 80 preached at Christ Church, Washington, D.C. on the occasion of a National Day of Fasting and Prayer

The Solemn Assembly
By Richard Owen Roberts.
An historical analysis of Solemn Assemblies, with ten practical suggestions regarding their use today.

Revival at Wheaton!
By Mary Dorsett.
First-hand accounts of revival at Wheaton College in 1936, 1943, 1950, and 1970
By Richard Owen Roberts.
A careful look at 25 modern earmarks of a backslidden condition with an urgent call for self-examination.
Spiritual Drunkenness
By Richard Owen Roberts.
An exposition of Jeremiah 13:12-17 describing the spiritual state written of by Jeremiah, and covering the cause, the effects, and the cure.
The Legal Limit on Sin
By Richard Owen Roberts.
An exposition of I Thessalonians 2:16.
Unalienable Rights
By Richard Owen Roberts.
An appeal, based on Colonial documents, that the only possible way individual human rights can be guaranteed by society is by preserving the unalienable rights of God.
Twenty-Four Questions
By Richard Owen Roberts.
God's people hunger for revival, but must be prepared to discern true revival from distractions. These 24 questions are urged as a caution to God's people in preparation for His work.
Lord, I Agree
By Richard Owen Roberts.
Twelve articles of explicit agreement between the Covenant-keeping God and the Reviving Believer.