Richard Owen Roberts Booksellers has dealt in used and rare books for 40 years. While focused primarily on theology, philosophy, and psychology, our stock of well over 100,000 volumes contains literally tons of other material of academic, literary, or historical interest, including many biographies, first editions, a large array of very unusual and significant pamphlet material from early American history and an unusually fine selection of rare books dating to the early 1500's.

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This collection includes many significant monographs as well as numerous important runs of archaeological journals such as Annals of the Leeds Oriental Society, Annals of the American School of Oriental Research, The Biblical Archaeologist, and The Journal of Egyptian Archaeology. Its primary focus is on middle-eastern and biblical archaeology.
375+ titles

This is a course of eight lectures delivered annually from 1780 to 1895, excepting 1834-35 and 1841; and biennially from 1897 and following, excepting the years 1916 to 1919. While the run we offer is not complete, it is extensive. Included is the 1780 volume as well as numerous others from the eighteenth century.
Lectures for 118 years

We offer a collection of variant editions of The Book of Common Prayer ranging from the 1719 London edition by John Baskett to the nearly present time. Also included are a great variety of histories, commentaries, analysis, etc. on the Prayer Book.
350+ volumes

We have assembled a broad-ranging lot pertaining to the last days. The collection includes many of the most solid works on end-times theology as well as an ample supply of peripheral volumes. Almost every conceivable position is represented. While the bulk of the material was published in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, occasional volumes from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries have been included. While mostly hardbound, there are also paperbacks and pamphlets in the lot.
1,300+ volumes

The Gifford Lectures have been delivered at various Scottish Universities over a period of more than a century. We are able to offer an incomplete run ranging from 1890 to 1971.
Lectures for 47 years

We have a short and incomplete run of Hibbert Lectures beginning with "Lectures On the Origin and Growth of Religion as Illustrated by the Religions of India delivered in the Chapter House, Westminster Abbey, 1878" by F. Max Muller, to "The State and the Church in a Free Society, 1957" by A. Victor Murray.
Lectures for 25 years

This collection includes such classics as Colonel Wilson's Picturesque Palestine, Sinai and Egypt and The Holy Land by David Roberts as well as many other diaries and sketches of travels in the Holy Land, histories, geographies, etc.
320 titles

We are pleased to be able to offer a varied collection of scholarly and popular materials on this often neglected theme of Biblical studies. Included are ordinary pamphlets like Sir Robert Anderson's Spirit Manifestations and the `Gifts of Tongues' and rarities like the seventeenth century work by William Clagett, A Discourse Concerning the Operations of the Holy Spirit.
675+ volumes

While the heaviest focus of this collection is on preaching, numerous significant volumes on speech and elocution have been added to make this the strongest collection on this theme of public communication of the Gospel that we have ever offered. Included are a large number of the Lyman Beecher Lectures on preaching delivered at Yale University.
735+ volumes

We have in our warehouse, ready for immediate shipment, a large and varied collection of books and pamphlets on missions including a wide variety of biographies, denominations records of various fields, histories of independent missions agencies, surveys of various parts of the world, books on methodology, needs, etc. Among the rarities in this lot are early American missionary sermons and a copy of "The History of the Mission of the United Brethren among the Indians in North America" by George Henry Loskiel.
4,000+ volumes

This unusual lot consists both of music books and books about music and is divided approximately half and half. Among the music volumes are a very wide range of hymn, choral and song books including some oblong hymnals and other rarities. Included in the books about music are volumes on history, biography, music appreciation, organs, choral conducting, etc. The books about music are one-of-a-kind whereas the hymn and song books sometimes include two copies of the same title. While mostly in English, the collection includes a number of scholarly German works. While the focus of the collection is religious, numerous secular volumes are included.
2,500+ volumes

We offer a small but very important collection on John Henry Newman and Edward Bouverie Pusey. Included are many first and variant editions of Newman's various works, a lesser number by Pusey, and books about Newman, Pusey and the Movement itself.
171 volumes

One of the most significant reprint series of the nineteenth century was that of the Parker Society. We are able to offer a number of the important volumes of this series.
29 volumes

We have gathered and now offer for sale an unusual collection on philosophy ranging from "The Theory of Universals" by R. I. Aaron to "An Analytical Philosophy of Religion" by Willem F. Zuurdeeg. Included are numerous rare works from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.
2,790+ volumes

This is the largest number of volumes and the most varied collection on prayer that we have ever offered for sale. It includes studies on various prayers of the Bible, books of prayers [other than The Book of Common Prayer which is offered as a separate lot], instruction manuals, appeals to prayer, etc. The lot includes pamphlets, paperbacks and hardbound volumes and while mostly from the last 100 years, a number of antiquarian volumes are included.
1,450+ volumes

We commend to your attention a general collection on psychology which includes basic histories, case studies, manuals, counseling procedures, etc. While generally of a secular nature, a considerable quantity of material is included on the religious experience, the mental health ministry of the church, etc.
2,345 volumes